Whatever your reason for riding, we're here providing the opportunities. On the road, on the track and off road, at local, Inter-Service and National level; Ride, Race and Win with us.

Royal Navy Cycling

We provide you with the opportunity to improve your fitness to fight, and to achieve your personal fitness goals.
You can ride, race and train with us across six cycling disciplines. Time Trials (TT) and Road Racing (RR) sees you compete across surfaced course, while Cyclo-cross (CX), MTB Cross Country (XC), Gravity Enduro (GE) and Downhill (DH) takes you off road on mountain bikes.

As well as developing you to the standard you want to achieve, whether for fitness or elite standard competition, we can also organise and promote safe riding.

royal navy and royal marines men's road race cycling team members in peloton riding past rnrmca support stand

Surfaced course cycling

Time Trials

Time Trials (TT) are a race against the clock which can take place on the road or on the track. An individual event which sees you cover a set distance as fast as you can, they're an ideal way to get started with your cycling, develop basic skills and hunger and strive to better yourself each time you take to the course. TTs reveal everything you need to know about your cycling. If the gains are there, then you could soon be challenging at the top of race leader boards against fellow riders equally compelled to outperform their best... and the time you set.

Though often standalone events, TTs can also comprise a section or sections of longer Road Races.

Road Racing

Road Racing (RR) is a form of cycle racing where you compete in a group on either a closed circuit or open roads, with the first to cross the line being deemed the winner. It’s not always the strongest rider who wins, so tactics, teamwork and a keen sense of what's going on around you are essential.

The biggest and most known RR is Le Tour de France, though other big races include: Giro d'Italia, La Vuelta a España and the increasingly respected and popular Tour of Britain.

Get involved

With exclusive benefits, alongside the benefits of getting fit and competing, RN cycling is available to both serving, ex-serving and MoD employees.

Whether you ride for fun or to win, and whatever your background, get pedalling with us and you become part of a team of over 500 active cyclists.

To get involved, just get in touch.

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