The Naval Service Sports Charity (NSSC) supports the sporting activities of serving Royal Navy and Royal Marines personnel.

Supporting Service

The NSSC is a charitable company, limited by guarantee, incorporated on 26 July 2007 and registered with the Charity Commission on 13 September 2007 as a subsidiary charity of the RNRMC.

It is the main block grant-making charity in support of sport in the Royal Navy and is the vehicle through which the RNRMC achieves its 'Quality of Life' funding pathway.

cyclist with mountains in background


The NSSC employs:

  • A Director of Operations
  • A Sports Accommodation Manager
  • The Royal Navy Sailing Manager
  • The Royal Navy Sport Delivery Officer
  • Five Royal Navy Sports Development Officers
  • Two Assistant Sports Development Officers
  • A Media, Communications and Engagement Officer

Our work


Our focus, as the RNRMC funding vehicle, is on the serving community to enable fitness, teamwork, leadership, discipline, determination, courage, competitive spirit and resilience through participation and volunteering in sport and NAVYfit events.

Facility Management

The NSSC owns and manages the 96-bed Royal Navy Sports Accommodation facility at HMS Temeraire on behalf of the Sports Lottery which meets all the running costs.