Martial Artists take over The Home of Royal Navy Sport

Storyline: Martial Arts

On the 8th of May, HMS Temeraire played host to the highly anticipated Royal Navy Martial Arts Championship.

Competitors from across various branches of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines showcased their exceptional skills in Karate and Taekwondo, vying for top honours in a series of intense bouts.

In the male Dan grade Kumite, Lt Col Ben Reynolds RM (DJEP DIU London) demonstrated superior skill and tactical acumen to claim first place. WO1 Mark White RN (NCHQ P&T FCAP) secured a commendable second place, showcasing the high level of competition.

The Kyu grade Kumite saw Lt Cdr Chris Moore RN (NCHQ P&T) take first place, with LH Carl La Roche RN (HMS Duncan) earning second. Both competitors displayed remarkable tenacity and technique throughout their matches.

In the Dan grade Kata, Lt Col Ben Reynolds RM continued his winning streak, taking first place once again. WO1 Mark White RN was a close second, highlighting his consistent performance across events.

LH Carl La Roche RN excelled in the Kyu Grade Kata, securing first place. LH Robert Pollock (RNR Med Branch) followed in second, both demonstrating precise and disciplined forms.

The Open Kata Event was a showcase of versatility, with LH Carl La Roche RN taking the top spot, followed by Lt Col Ben Reynolds RM. This event highlighted the depth of talent within the competition.

Finally, in the Open Kumite Event, Lt Cdr Chris Moore RN emerged victorious, with LH Carl La Roche RN in second place. The open events provided a thrilling conclusion to the karate segment, featuring fierce and dynamic exchanges.

The Taekwondo events were equally riveting. In the Dan Grade Sparring, AB Robbie Sheppard RN (HMS Sultan) clinched first place with his agile and powerful techniques. Lt David Hewet RN (BRNC) took second, showcasing impressive combat skills.

The Kup grade Sparring saw PO Craig Hewitt RN (RNAS Culdrose) secure first place, followed by PO John Kilmartin RN (CLR Med Sqn) in second. Their matches were a testament to their rigorous training and strategic prowess.

In Dan grade patterns, AB Robbie Sheppard RN once again took first place, with Lt David Hewet RN in second, both demonstrating exceptional form and precision.

PO John Kilmartin RN shone in the Kup Grade Patterns, earning first place, while PO Paul Gough RN (HMS Prince of Wales) secured second, showcasing their dedication to the art.

The Open Patterns Event was dominated by AB Robbie Sheppard RN, who took first place, followed by PO John Kilmartin RN in second. This event highlighted the competitors' adaptability and skill across different styles.

Finally, the Open Sparring Event saw AB Robbie Sheppard RN secure his third first-place finish, with PO Craig Hewitt RN taking second. Their performances were a fitting end to a day of high-calibre competition.

SGT Bernard Mabey, the event coordinator, praised all competitors for their hard work and commitment. "The level of talent and sportsmanship we witnessed today was truly inspiring," he remarked. "Events like these are crucial in promoting physical fitness, mental toughness, and the values of respect and honour that are core to martial arts and the Royal Navy."

As the day concluded, the sense of pride and achievement was palpable among the participants and the audience. The Royal Navy Martial Arts Championship continues to be a significant event, encouraging excellence in martial arts and strengthening the bonds within the Armed Forces community.

The event at HMS Temeraire will be remembered not only for the outstanding performances but also for the spirit of camaraderie and excellence it celebrated.