HMS Anson overcome challenges amidst the untamed wilderness of Florida

Storyline: Adventurous Training

Members of the Royal Navy's HMS Anson recently embarked on an exhilarating adventure training experience courtesy of the Deployable Regional Unit (DRU).

Led by POPT Barrie Chambers from DRU West and team member POPT Megan Meyer, the five-day Adventure Training (AT) package offered a diverse range of activities aimed at retention, fostering team spirit and physical resilience.

Set against the backdrop of Jacksonville, Florida, the AT package featured a dynamic blend of activities including Royal Navy Fitness Tests (RNFTs), mountain biking, and indoor climbing.

Despite the occasional downpour reminiscent of a typical wet spring day in the UK, the crew of HMS Anson embraced the challenges with enthusiasm, relishing the opportunity to hone their skills while basking in the golden sunshine that graced them on several occasions.

Among the highlights of their adventure were encounters with the local wildlife, as the crew traversed forest bike trails teeming with snakes, armadillos, and vultures alongside lakes with plenty of alligators. These close encounters with nature added an extra dimension to their training, underscoring the importance of adaptability and situational awareness in diverse environments.


As the HMS Anson crew returns from their Adventure Training package, they bring with them not only new found skills and camaraderie but also unforgettable memories of overcoming challenges amidst the untamed wilderness of Florida.