Royal Navy grassroots shooters take top places at RAF Spring Open

Storyline: Shooting

The Navy’s grassroot shooters proved to be bang on target when they lined up against the RAF at the small-bore Spring Open competition in Bisley.

An eight-strong team represented the Senior Service in a contest which was split into three categories depending on skill levels and experience (A, B, C – the latter the newest shooters) with three matches apiece: two requiring 60 shots fired with the third match being an aggregate of the first two. 

The Class C match made special allowance for guidance and coaching from respective teams to help support shooters on their first time in a competition.
The team spent the winter ensuring members attended on instructional courses and undertook or delivered training to their colleagues to get everyone to a basic level of competitive marksmanship.

It paid off – especially among the less-experienced shooters in Class c:

Match 1: 2nd Place Lt RN Dominic Berry

Match 1: 3rd Place LET(WE) Kristy Perkins

Match 2: 1st Place Lt RN Dominic Berry

March 2: 2nd Place LET(WE) Kristy Perkins

Match 3: 1st Place Lt RN Dominic Berry

Match 3: 3rd Place LET(WE) Kristy Perkins 

In the B class shoot, Lt Cdr Tim Westmass proved the most accurate/consistent of the Royal Navy competitors with a third place in the opening match followed by two runners-up positions amid some good shooting from both junior and experienced firers.

Next up is the Short Range Inter-service competition, side-by-side with continuing to develop new shooters and organising grassroots events.