Boxing Marine Kyle Shaw-Tullin is selected to represent England

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Marine Kyle Shaw-Tullin has been selected to join the England Senior Boxing Squad.

Kyle joined the Royal Navy boxing team in January 2024 with an impressive resume. Having honed his skills at Oldham ABC, he had already clinched the National Development Championship in 2022.

Known for his exceptional boxing ability, physical speed, and strength, Kyle also brought a remarkable boxing IQ to the team.

In February, Kyle made an immediate impact by defeating the National Junior Champion Joe Hodgkinson in his first bout for the Royal Navy in the Northeast. This victory showcased his talent and established him as a formidable competitor.

Following a successful training camp in Fiji, Kyle entered the UK Armed Forces (UKAF) Championships. His rigorous preparation paid off as he triumphed over Army opponent Cody Pearson in the 80kg category, demonstrating his prowess and determination.

Further refining his skills, Kyle participated in training camps at Aldershot and HMNB Devonport. These camps were pivotal in his preparation for the National Championships. With each bout in the tournament, Kyle's performance improved, culminating in his crowning as the National Champion at 80kg.

Kyle's exceptional performances caught the attention of England Boxing, leading to his selection for the Senior Boxing Squad. He is now set to compete in the Three Nations Boxing Championships in Edinburgh from June 21-23, where he aims to add another title to his growing list of accomplishments.