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As a member of the Naval Service, we want to show you how important you are to us. We offer a generous benefits package that helps with the little things in life, both financial and non-financial, as well as the heftier items like travel and accommodation. 

This tool now shows the latest available information from Pay 19 - you can find out exactly what the changes mean to you for the year ahead.

Use this reckoning tool, brought to you with the generous support of Greenwich Hospital, to find out how much extra you get on top of your standard salary - and more importantly, what could be available to you in the future.

Find out how much your offer is worth

I'm in theRoyal Navy

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I'm in theRoyal Marines

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Hear how our benefits package has helped others

A lot of things have kept me here really. Friendships, people you meet, deployments, money - everything.

Royal Marine - TwoSix

The benefits are really good. I've bought my own house using FHTB. The people, the comradeship, that we have in the Navy is second to none.

Royal Navy - TwoSix

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