HMS Montrose

HMS Montrose (F236)

HMS Montrose is one of the Royal Navy’s thirteen Type 23 Frigates. She is stationed at HMNB Devonport, but supports missions all over the world. 

HMS Montrose (F236) is currently on deployment

UK Waters

United Kingdom

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Type 23 Frigates are essential all-rounders, fast, adaptable and ready to take on tasks from antipiracy patrols to providing humanitarian aid.  
HMS Montrose – the 5th of the frigate fleet – has highly sensitive suite of radars which allows the ship to track aircraft and missiles up to 120 miles, and a missile system with a 20+ mile range. 
She is equipped with sonar to detect submarines and a helicopter armed with torpedoes and depth charges, which means – if we have to – she can take the fight to submarines many miles away from the ship.   
The Ship’s motto is “Mare ditat rosa decorat”: the sea enriched but the rose adorns. 

Facts & figures

HMS Montrose

Facts & figures

420,377 miles

Covered since commissioning

7,500+ miles

Maximum range without refuelling 

4,950 tonnes

Total displacement

Our skills

HMS Montrose

Our skills

Fast, adaptable and well-equipped, HMS Montrose makes a big contribution to our mission. She can: 

  • Provide disaster relief and humanitarian aid
  • Conduct anti-piracy patrols
  • Enforce UK national sovereignty
  • Act as a platform to demonstrate UK Trade and Industry overseas
  • Contribute towards the UK’s commitment to NATO
  • Protect other vessels from either air, surface or sub-surface attack.

Our Operations

HMS Montrose

Current operation

Operation Kipion

Middle East

We have been on patrol in the Gulf since 1980, demonstrating the UK’s commitment to peace and stability.

Our base

HMS Montrose

Our base

Middle East

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Commanding Officer - Starboard Crew

Commander Claire Thompson

Forward Deployed

In 2019 HMS Montrose became the Royal Navy’s first Type 23 frigate to be forward-deployed in the Gulf region.

Instead of returning home to the UK after a six to nine-month deployment, Montrose is stationed in Bahrain until 2022 to ensure a permanent presence and spare warships the lengthy passage to and from Britain, time which could be spent on patrol in the Middle East.

This deployment is the first of its kind to be put into action by the Royal Navy and serves two purposes – to demonstrate the UK’s commitment to maritime security in the Gulf while also ensuring those on board can enjoy more stability in their home lives.

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