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Michael, Marine Engineer

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Travel the world. Make friends for life. Develop skills you never knew you had. And go places you never imagined. Could you be made in the Royal Navy?


Whether you join for the kit, the career or the travel, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed – your crewmates will become your best mates.

Get ahead

Accelerated Apprentice Scheme

Passionate about engineering? Our Accelerated Apprentice Scheme gives you the opportunity to start a career that matches your ambition, with a clear pipeline for progression. Providing you have GCE Maths and Physics, or a BTEC Diploma in Engineering, you could earn more than £30k from day one, work with our most cutting-edge kit and be part of a world-class team.

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earn while you learn

Being in the Royal Navy means getting stuck in from the start, gaining qualifications you never thought possible, and getting paid for it from day one of training.

good at fixing things?

get hands-on with the royal navy

Fancy getting to grips with some of the most cutting-edge kit in the world, anywhere in the world? Earn while you learn, get qualifications like NVQs or a foundation degree, and become a vital part of Naval operations.

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Whatever you do in the Royal Navy, travel and adventure come all in a day’s work. You’ll have the chance to see the world, do things others only dream of, and the option to choose your own Adventurous Training (AT).

Where could you go?

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A career in the Royal Navy can take you as far as you want, and you can get further than you ever imagined. Ready to start your journey?

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We need people with drive, determination and ambition, who have a can-do, think-on-your-feet attitude. In return you’ll receive world-class training, as you build the career you want, whichever service and branch you choose.

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Start your journey

A future in the Royal Navy can be whatever you want it to be and with over 100 different roles available, there’s something for everyone.

Keep us ticking

Want to look after our most important asset? When you’re a Writer you use your people skills to make sure your crew are ready to protect our nation’s interests.

good organiser?

work in logistics and admin

Interested in the finer details? The ins and outs, and the people involved in them? From food to communications, our logistics and HR personnel help our people get things done, whether they’re on the surface or beneath it.

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Ready to serve?

Work with food and drink

Three square meals a day or a fine dining experience. On the surface or in a submarine. Whichever role you choose, you’ll need a passion for food and service.

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