Password Protection - Secure Your Email

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Password Protection - Secure Your Email

This guidance is courtesy of Team Portsmouth and BAE Systems.
Create a separate password for your email

Your personal email account contains lots of important information about you and is the gateway to all your other online accounts.
If your email account is hacked all your other passwords can be reset, so use a strong password that is different to all your others.
Create a strong password using three random words
Weak passwords can be hacked in seconds.
The longer and more unusual your password is, the stronger it becomes and the harder it is to hack.
The best way to make your password long and difficult to hack is by using a sequence of three random words you'll remember.
You can test the strength of your password (or a similar password) at
You can make it even stronger with special characters.
Starting with your most important accounts (such as email, banking and social media), replace your old passwords with new ones. Just connect three random - but memorable - words together.
Using the same passwords for all your accounts makes you vulnerable - if that one password is stolen all your accounts can be accessed.
It’s good practice to use different passwords for the accounts you care most about.
Of course, remembering lots of passwords can be difficult, but if you save them in your browser then you don’t have to.
Online service providers are constantly updating their software to keep sensitive personal data secure, so store your passwords in your browser when prompted; it’s quick, convenient and safer than re-using the same password.

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