The official Royal Navy Royal Marines Welfare RNRMW Facebook page 2018/08/14 10:22:00

This is the official Royal Navy Royal Marines Welfare (RNRMW) Facebook page.
"Enhancing the resilience and resourcefulness of naval service personnel, their families and communities".

Deployment 2018/08/08 10:50:00

Deployments are as demanding for the families left behind as for their deployed loved one. Making sure practical, physical and emotional well-being is maintained can be challenging. But you can rely on a strong network of families and communities, plus Royal Navy support services, to give all the help, advice, resources and guidance you need, at every stage of deployment.

Since each stage has its own practical and emotional challenges, it has been split it into five stages.
"The Emotional Cycle of Deployment" was developed by Kathleen Vestal Logan, M.S., M.A., and first published in U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, February 1987, pp. 43-47.

Welfare Information Support 2018/08/08 10:47:00

Our unique way of life, with its unique community, challenges and needs, has a unique welfare support network, delivered by our Welfare Information Support Team. This is where you can find all the information you want, to get all the support you need.

What to do in an emergency 2018/08/08 10:43:00

Help is always at hand in an emergency. Here’s what you need to do.
The nature of your emergency and location of the serving relative will dictate which of two options you should take. 

Deployment Information Packs 2018/08/07 12:31:00

If you were not able to attend a pre deployment brief, or would like more details about what to expect when your loved one is deployed, please contact one of our Royal Navy Royal Marines Welfare Information Officers(WIOS). The WIO's have an extensive range of information sheets that you can order online here.   

BFPO services guide 2018/07/25 11:56:00

How to use the British Forces Post Office, claim compensation and use the Enduring families free mail service (EFFMS).

GOV.UK 2018/07/25 11:55:00

Support services for military and defence personnel and their families

Community Centre 2018/07/19 15:16:00

Follow this link to see what your Community Centre has to offer.

RNRMW Central Newsletter 2018/07/11 12:09:00

The first RNRMW Central Newsletter covering April - June 2018 can be viewed or downloaded here.
Please feel free to comment or suggest amendments / improvements as you see fit.

HMS TALENT 5th Watch Communicator 2018/06/27 10:26:00

HMS TALENT 5th Watch Communicator:
Mobile: 07794359513
Home Phone: 01752 880184

RNRMW and Associated Partners Community Event: Register 2018/06/20 10:57:00

If you would like to register your interest or would like to reserve a place for any of the RNRMW Sponsored Community Events advertised on the Royal Navy Website, please do so by completing the following form.

Problems Registering 2018/05/24 09:10:00

If you have any issues, please contact the forum administrators ( and provide as much details as you are able to, namely the details you are entering including the email address and which platform , PC, Ipad, Tablet, Mobile phone etc.

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