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COVID-19 2020/03/24 15:53:00

The current situation in the UK, and internationally around the globe, is rightly causing much concern for all and we as Service Families are not exempt from this. As we are now in the Delay phase this will impact the Naval Service; both personally and professionally. 
Your loved one has been asked to consider in detail, and mitigate where possible, the impact that this may have on you and your family.
To increase support, we will be communicating regularly with you as families and want to ensure you are gaining the support and information you require.
The following provide links to important information:
Government updates: www.GOV.UK/coronavirus   
NHS support:  
World Health Organisation:
Public Health England:
Health Protection Scotland:
Public Health Wales:
Public Health Northern Ireland:
Travel Guidance:
School Guidance:
We are supporting our Units in pushing messages to families. These will be uploaded to the RN Forum. Click on the link above and Join. All you need is your Serving Persons Service Number and Name.
Further to this we are going to be supporting through virtual interaction via Facebook – search for your area or unit group – these are all listed on
Health and Wellbeing during self-isolation:
Mental Health Foundation:
Young Minds:
Things to do – Children and Young People: help us build up a resource of links to free activities If not a member, join or email the link to [][/email] and we will share for you.
We will also be looking at setting up a FAQ thread too, so do keep an eye on the National Information Forum and NS FPS Facebook Page
Some further support can be found on our Community and Support pages:
NS FPS can offer advice & guidance and get answers to your questions - we can be contacted via the online channels -'contact us' forms on the Royal Navy Website, the Forum or Facebook as well as via email [][/email].  If you or your family are in crisis and require professional personal support, then we would encourage you to contact the NS FPS Portal on 0800 145 6088 or via email [][/email].  Although we are currently not undertaking Home or Office Visits our staff are at hand to support you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

RN FPS Community 2020/03/10 10:00:00

We understand the impact Royal Navy life has on the whole family. Without your commitment, our most important operations wouldn't be possible. That's why we have a range of services available to help you through tough times, and to improve your quality of life.
To learn what is available and what RN FPS offers, please go to our Community Page 
As well as the weekly / regular activities you will find details of special events designed to support and engage with the Royal Navy Community. 

Useful Links 2018/10/07 16:46:00

If you are new to the area or are thinking about moving here, please follow this link. to Somerset County Council
Local Councils
Taunton Dean Council
Somerset Schools
Somerset Special Educational Needs & Disabilities
A full list of NHS registered GP’s and Dentists are available here.
If you are looking for work in the Taunton area, you can utilise the job search on the website here.
Social Media
You can join us on our official group for RN FPS community information, Taunton Naval Service Community
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