Facebook Security

You participate on this Facebook page at your own risk and take personal responsibility for your comments and any information you provide.

There is lots of useful information about online security on the Ministry of Defence  website.

To find out more about staying safe online, watch the videos, read the guidance notes and remember to share them with your friends.

Personal Security

You should be aware of the security implications of participating on Facebook and other social networking websites. Be careful with the amount of personal information you share here and elsewhere.

We suggest you:

    Understand and use Facebook’s Privacy settings (accessible in the top right hand corner of your page)
    Do not add people that you do not know, or accept friend requests from strangers
    Have only genuine, verified friends in your friend list
    Set access permissions for your content to "friends only"

Remember that people on the internet may not be who they say they are.

Operational Security

All service personnel - and their families and friends - have a responsibility to ensure that no information which might put serving personnel in danger, or be of use to adversaries, is posted on Facebook or elsewhere on the internet.

This includes technical information, operation plans, troop movement schedules, current and future locations of military units, aircraft and ships, descriptions of overseas bases, details of weapons systems, casualty numbers or discussions of areas frequented by service members overseas.

Other information that's not as obvious but which should also not be discussed openly includes daily military activities and operations, equipment status, unit morale, and results of operations. Any of these topics, if released, have the ability to provide adversaries with opportunities to harm serving personnel.

Bear in mind that “information” can also be contained within photographs and videos.

If in doubt, do not post until you have sought clarification from your Chain of Command.

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