COVID 19 advice & support

The current situation in the UK, and internationally around the globe, is rightly causing much concern for all and we as Service Families are not exempt from this. As we are now in the Delay phase this will impact the Naval Service; both personally and professionally.  Your loved one has been asked to consider in detail, and mitigate where possible, the impact that this may have on you and your family.

To increase support, we will be communicating regularly with you as families and want to ensure you are gaining the support and information you require. 


Naval Service Communications with Families

Royal Navy Forum

We are supporting our Units in pushing messages to families. These will be uploaded to the Royal Navy Forum - click the link to join. All you need is your Serving Persons Service Number and Name.


We are going to provide advice & guidance via Facebook – search for your area or unit group on

We will also be looking at setting up a FAQ thread too, so do keep an eye on the National Information Forum and our Facebook page.


NS FPS can be contacted via the 'contact us' forms and via email: 

Useful Links and Information

General Information

Health & Wellbeing Information

Health and Wellbeing during self-isolation:


Mental Health Foundation:



Young Minds:

Things to do– Children and Young People: Help us build up a resource of links to free activities If not a member, join or email the link to and we will share for you.

Every Mind Matters has now released expert advice and top tips on how to look after your mental wellbeing if you need to stay at home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. It also includes guidance if you’re feeling worried or anxious about the outbreak. Please visit:

Contact Us

If you or your family are in crisis and require professional personal support, then we would encourage you to contact the NS FPS Portal on 0800 145 6088 or via email Although we are currently not undertaking home or office visits our staff are at hand to support you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.