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Royal Navy Reserve
Careers / Royal Navy Reserves

Royal Navy Reserve

Everyday life isn’t enough for you, is it? The fact that you’re here shows that you crave more. More skills. More adventure. And more mates. Joining the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) is your opportunity to contribute to global operations that take you across the ocean and all over the world, all without leaving your day job.

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Maritime Reserves Commodore Robinson walks towards the camera surrounded by officers during the supersession ceremony

Serve your country

Protect our nation’s interests across a range of operations. From counter-terrorism and anti-piracy work to preventing conflict, maintaining security at sea and providing humanitarian assistance, at home and overseas.
Royal Navy Reserve Officer Cadet training in water at Britannia Royal Naval College wearing an orange inflatable

Challenge yourself

Looking for a challenge that’ll take you beyond the everyday? In the Royal Naval Reserve you’ll be pushed to your limits and experience extraordinary things. It’s a world away from the ordinary 9 to 5.
Surgeon Lieutenant attempt a back flip during Hands to bathe when the ship is at anchor in Bounty Bay in Pitcairn Island

Travel the world

Become a Reservist and you’ll join the General Warfare, Information Warfare or a Specialist role such a Medical, Engineering or the Chaplaincy. That means deploying on operations that take you all over the world – places you never imagined you’d visit.

Petty Officer wearing a red ski jacket leads his class of beginners down the slope skiing during Alpine Championships

A life of adventure

Along with the chance to travel, you’ll also take part in adventurous training (AT). You’ll be able to go on sailing expeditions, Royal Navy Ski Championships or even competing in the Bavarian Challenge in Germany. Whatever you choose, this serves as a chance to develop your skills and learn some new ones too.
A Portrait of a Royal Navy reservist proudly looking at the camera in the cold storage room of HMS Queen Elizabeth

A better you

Joining the Royal Naval Reserve isn’t a pastime. You’ll complete military training and gain career-related qualifications though courses accredited up to Masters level. You’ll also develop invaluable transferable skills, such as leadership and teamwork to advance your career at home and at sea.
Royal Navy reservists wearing khaki t-shirts cheering on colleagues during training

Friends for life

Joining the Royal Naval Reserve is a great way to form solid friendships. You’ll meet like-minded people from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds, bonding over a sense of camaraderie you can only get from training and working together.

Get ready for an extraordinary experience

A unique way of life that attracts people from all backgrounds and walks of life.
Two Royal Navy Reservists in a helicopter looking at each other happily laughing from excitement

About you

Although being a Reservist is a part time occupation, it comes with a certain level of commitment.

For many, the demands of a job and family life are challenging enough. However, if you’ve got ambitions that go beyond the everyday, you could enjoy a rewarding career in the Royal Naval Reserve. And in return for your commitment, we’ll pay you a daily salary, a pension and give you the opportunity to see places and do things that most people only dream of, with some of the best friends you’ll ever make. 

If you have a specialist qualification, you can join the Royal Naval Reserve directly into some of our roles.

Portrait of a Royal Navy Reservist wearing blue beret during a video interview

Life in the Reserves

Whether you’re serving on Naval warships in foreign waters or contributing to humanitarian aid missions, serving with the Royal Naval Reserve is an opportunity like no other. You’ll learn and develop new skills to put into practice at sea and at home.

You’ll go to places you’ve never been, experience things you wouldn’t anywhere else, and develop new skills you don’t even know you have yet.

Life in the reserves
Close-up of Reservist enjoying a joke with the inspecting officer during a passing out ceremony

Joining options

You could start in a role that suits your qualifications or skills. No specialist experience? Then you’ll begin your Reservist journey in the General Warfare branch, where you’ll be at the heart of every operation. Ex-Navy or Marines may be eligible to join through the Firefly Scheme.

Joining options
Royal Navy sailors on the deck wearing blue helmets

Firefly scheme

A scheme that gives ex -forces personnel the opportunity to be processed through a fast track system that takes into consideration your rank and valuable experience.
Firefly scheme
Royal Navy sailors wearing blue berets standing in a line-up

Joining process

Whatever your background, there’s a Reservist role to suit you. Take a look now and see where you could fit.
Joining process
Royal Navy Reserves stand on guard during a parade

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Find your place in the Royal Navy. Make friends for life, learn new skills and experience the world.

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