The Naval Service Recruiting Test

The Naval Service Recruiting Test (NSRT) is an important part of the joining process. The example questions here are your opportunity to practice. The mark you need to achieve in order to pass will be dependent on the branch you’re joining. Ask your AFCO for more information.

In order to give you the best chance of passing the NSRT, try and achieve the highest mark in each section, therefore we recommend you practice as often as possible.

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The NSRT will prove your suitability for a career in the Naval Service. Make sure you’re properly prepared by answering the example questions here, and keep trying to improve your score.

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Success in your NSRT will prove your suitability for a career in the Naval Service, so be as prepared as you can be by practicing answering the test questions below and try to keep improving your mark.

Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability

Part two is a test of your ability to understand the meaning of words and relationships between words. 

To make the most of this practice test, keep track of the timer onscreen and plan your answers accordingly. Your score is calculated solely on the number of correct answers you achieve, so if you get stuck move onto the next one and revisit if you have time. In exam conditions you would have five minutes to complete this number of questions. On the day you will have 9 minutes to complete 30 questions. On the next page you will have 2.5 minutes to complete 8 questions, this allows you slightly more time to practice and get to know the test. 

Your time is up and all questions have been disabled. Please submit your test to see your mark.

Question 1

Which ONE word has a meaning that extends to or includes the meaning of all others?

Question 2


Question 3


Question 4


Question 5

In the lines below, the word outside of the bracket will go with only four of the words inside the bracket to make longer words.

Which ONE word will it NOT go with?


Question 6


Question 7


Question 8


Question 9


Question 10


Question 11

In each question, three of the four sentences have the same meaning. Which ONE sentence has a DIFFERENT meaning?

Question 12


Question 13


Question 14


Question 15


Question 16

Each one of the following sentences has a word missing. Which ONE word makes the best sense of the sentence?

The bank’s shares had recently collapsed on the stock market which had given stakeholders a financial...

Question 17

Billy decided to forget about the incident ashore, …... himself that he was proceeding on weekend leave the next day

Question 18

Mike was a very ….. man; everything he attempted was done to the highest of standards

Question 19

In the past when woodland was cleared for industrial use, the provision for …. was rarely considered important

Question 20

The Navigator made an error on the chart that was … with her reputation for absolute professionalism

Question 21

The snow leopards of Nepal are agile in the mountainous terrain; they can climb ….

Question 22

JMW Turner … the departure of HMS TEMERARIE from Deptford in his world famous painting ‘The Fighting Temerarie’ in vibrant colours

Question 23

Flamboyant sailors like to wear jewellery very …. because they enjoy showing their wealth

Question 24

The growth in the number of rodents meant that the number of incidents reported in the dockyard was ….

Question 25

The Admiral awarded the Lieutenant Commander a commendation in … for his 30 years of dedication and commitment to the Naval Service

Question 26

The Flight Deck Officer must always know the … of the wind before launching a helicopter

Question 27

The supply of steel to Britian’s shipbuilding industry is …. in order to satisfy the demands of the Royal Navy’s Successor submarine project

Question 28

The pirates … the patrol vessel by masquerading as fishermen in the vicinity of the port

Question 29

School children are taught about the vital … the Royal Navy has made to the prosperity of the nation

Question 30

The pungent smell of the ammunition when it fired was almost …


Verbal Ability


Mechanical Comprehension