Social life

Social life

When you’re on duty you’ll work harder than most. And when you’ve got free time, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to wind down, relax or let off some steam. That could mean playing ‘uckers’ in the mess, ‘bucketball’ on the flight deck, or a run ashore for a night with your mates in a new foreign port.

When you’re not on exercise, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to pursue your passions in the evening, weekends or on leave.

What to expect

Here’s a handful of examples of our social events.

  • Runs ashore: From Petra and the Pyramids, to the Bahrain Grand Prix, you can make the most of wherever it is in the world you’re deployed.
  • Flight Deck BBQ: When you’re deployed somewhere hot (and should time allow), the Chefs will get a night off, with a particular mess taking responsibility for lighting the barbecues. You’ll even have the opportunity to enjoy a department sundowner (a few drinks on deck with your mates).
  • Mess Dinner: Whether it’s Trafalgar or Taranto Night, Mess Dinners give you the chance to get together with your colleagues and let your hair down. There are Mess Dinners for officers and senior NCOs.
  • Whole ship quiz: This takes place over one of the whole ship communications systems when your unit is on deployment.
  • Christmas Dinner: If you’re deployed at Christmas, it is normal for the officers to serve their Junior Ranks Christmas dinner. If you’re ashore there will be some kind of celebration on board or in your mess.