Marines Commando Officer Stages and standards

The fact you want to get fit to become a Royal Marines Commando Officer says a lot about you. It says a lot about your character. The level of physical exertion required to earn the coveted Green Beret is more than most people can take. To help you make the grade and realise your career ambitions, we’ve outlined all the stages you need to complete, and the standards you’ll need to achieve to be successful.

The stages are as follows:

1. Pre-joining Fitness Test Plus
>> 2. Admiralty Interview Board <<
3. Officer Selection Course
4. Final Selection Board
5. Initial Training (Officer)

Admiralty Interview Board

The Admiralty Interview Board (AIB) is a stage of the joining process that’s specific to officers. It is designed to assess your suitability to join the Royal Marines as an officer against a set of core competencies.

While there's no typical Royal Marines Commando Officer, the AIB’s competency based assessment process will thoroughly evaluate whether you have the personal qualities to successfully become an officer and lead a team.

The interview will typically last 1 hour, allowing us the chance to assess your motivation and abilities to join the Royal Marines as an officer.  You'll be asked questions against a set of 6 competencies, and expected to give clear and specific examples of when and how you have utilised them.