The Naval Service Recruiting Test

The Naval Service Recruiting Test (NSRT) is an important part of the Royal Marines Commando and Royal Marines Band Service joining process. The example questions here are your opportunity to practice.

In order to give you the best chance of passing the NSRT, try and achieve the highest mark in each section, therefore we recommend you practice as often as possible.

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The NSRT will prove your suitability for a career in the Royal Marines. Make sure you’re properly prepared by answering the example questions here, and keep trying to improve your score.

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Success in your NSRT will prove your suitability for a career in the Naval Service, so be as prepared as you can be by practicing answering the test questions below and try to keep improving your mark.

Mechanical Comprehension

Mechanical Comprehension

Part four is to test your understanding of basic mechanical principles using both mechanical elements e.g. gears and pulleys, and domestic objects e.g cars. Each item has a written question supported by a technical drawing.

To make the most of this practice test, keep track of the timer onscreen and plan your answers accordingly. Your score is calculated solely on the number of correct answers you achieve, so if you get stuck move onto the next one and revisit if you have time. In exam conditions you would have five minutes to complete this number of questions. On the day you will have 10 minutes to complete 30 questions. On the next page you will have 3 minutes to complete 8 questions, this allows you slightly more time to practice and get to know the test.

Your time is up and all questions have been disabled. Please submit your test to see your mark.

Question 1

How much weight is required to balance the lever?

Question 2

If all three iron bars have a width of 5cm and a length of 20cm, which iron bar weighs most?

Question 3

Which point on the turntable travels the greatest distance in 2 minutes?

Question 4

Which spring supports the greatest load?

Question 5

At what point is the weight most likely to cause the crane to flex when the load is lifted?

Question 6

Which crane is working under the most tension when lifting a 20 tonne load?


Question 7

Which way does cog B turn when cog C is turned clockwise?

Question 8

If the ship's wheel is turned clockwise at the same speed, which wheel will turn the least amount of revolutions in 30 seconds?


Question 9

The ship sails due south then changes course to follow the dotted line. Its new course will be?

Question 10

Looking at the shadows cast on the towers by the sun, in which diagram is the sun lowest in the sky?

Question 11

Which of the chains is bearing the greatest amount of load?

Question 12

Each container contains 250ml of soda when full. Which one would you need to add the most soda to fill it?


Question 13

Which cog will turn the least amount of times in one minute?

Question 14

Which rope will allow the sailor to pull the buoy over with least amount of effort?

Question 15

When light from a laser is reflected from a mirror, what direction will the reflected beam take?

Question 16

There are two identical cars on a bridge. If the bridge has the same thickness along it, which part(s) of the bridge undergo the most deflection?

Question 17

A drone is launched from a flight deck to conduct a reconnaissance mission; it heads off on a bearing of true north. It flies for 8NM and then turns right 90° and travels for 3NM, it then turns right 90° and flies 2NM. Finally it turns left 90° and travels 6NM before coming into the hover. With respect to North what direction is the drone facing?

Question 18

If wheel A is four times the diameter of wheel B and it rotates counter-clockwise at 25rpm, what speed will wheel B rotate at?

Question 19

Which pyramid is most stable?

Question 20

In a strong wind, in order to give maximum lift, the helicopter will normally approach and land on the flight deck?

Question 21

If the rope is pulled in a downward direction, which direction will the weight move?

Question 22

If cog X rotates clockwise at 45 RPM, how does cog Y behave?

Question 23

If cog C turns anti-clockwise which other cog will also turn anti-clockwise?

Question 24

In the circuit shown, how many switches need to be closed to light up two bulbs?

Question 25

What is the maximum number of triangular pieces which can be cut from a sheet of plywood?

Question 26

Water enter the pipe at C and exits the pipe at A. At which location is the water moving at greater velocity?

Question 27

You are walking in a park along the paths; you turn right, then left and then right. You take the first turn each time. In what direction are you now facing?

Question 28

If bar A moves left at X speed, which direction and how does bar B move?

Question 29

Which tool is used for loosening a nut on a gas turbine casing bolt?


Question 30

Which tool is used for measuring a very small dimension accurately?



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