You wouldn’t be reading this if you wanted an easy life. Like becoming a Commando, the Royal Marines Experience is your opportunity to challenge yourself. To see what you can achieve. And to be part of a team that’s unlike any other.

What will you get from a Royal Marines Experience?

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The Royal Marines Experience is our way of meeting people who have the potential to become elite amphibious commandos. Not sure if that's you? This is where you find out, without any obligation or commitment.

Come along to discover our way of life and what makes us different to other armed forces – from our training to our unique camaraderie. We'll also share our skills to help you complete the four Commando Stances: Amphibiousness, Self-discipline, Courage and Stealth.

Each Stance offers a different challenge during your Royal Marines Experience day – like operating undetected or planning an amphibious assault. With every Stance, you'll gain valuable insight into what it takes to become a Royal Marines Commando. Standout achievements will be rewarded, but more importantly the commitment you make will be matched by us to make your experience as fulfilling as possible. So, what's stopping you?