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Naval service

The Naval Service is made up of five dedicated services. Choose one or more services Naval service The five services define where you work

Surface Fleet The ships that represent Britain and her interests the world over – from speedy patrol boats to giant aircraft carriers. Submarine Service Our fleet under the waves, submarines that silently patrol, providing stealth and peace of mind.  Fleet Air Arm Our service isn’t limited to the seas – airborne support is essential to mission success, and the Fleet Air Arm’s helicopters and training craft are vital and valued.   Royal Marines The UK’s elite amphibious fighting force. By land, sea by air, Royal Marines are on the front-line of combat and humanitarian operations. Royal Fleet Auxiliary Our logistical and operational support service, the civilian-staffed RFA provides essential assistance at sea with highly specialised ships.

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Apprenticeship Apprenticeships combine practical, on-the-job training, with study. The majority require no qualifications. Officer The management rank of entry – to join us at this level, you may need a degree or more than 180 UCAS points.
Rating The team at the core of the Navy – practical, hands-on and ready for the challenge. You may not need formal qualifications to join.  


Your branch determines the type of role you will have in the Naval Service. Select one or more branch

Aviation Our pilots, aircraft controllers and aircrew provide support from the skies, manning our helicopters and planes in some of the most challenging environments on earth. Chaplaincy Our people do extraordinary jobs in extraordinary circumstances. Our chaplains are there to support them, acting as friends, advisers and spiritual guides in a multi-faith environment.  Engineering Our Engineers maintain ships, submarines and aircrafts and work with advanced weapons. There are opportunities at all levels, from those just starting out to proven experts.  Logistics Logistics specialists are the people who keep us organised and well-supplied. This branch covers roles from administration to chefs and hospitality staff. Medical The medical team keep our people fit and healthy. As well as roles for qualified doctors, nurses and dentists, there are opportunities to get trained too.  Police The Royal Navy Police (RNP) provide vital policing and an investigative service for the Royal Navy.
Royal Marines Band Service The Royal Marines’ our highly regarded military band welcomes talented musicians who want an active, adventurous life. Royal Naval Reserve Reserves have a civilian job but commit to serving their country in their spare time in a range of roles including chaplains, medics and the elite Royal Marines Reserve.  Warfare Warfare specialists work at the frontline of Naval operations, with cutting-edge weapons, comms and surveillance systems. Deck
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    Undergraduate Apprenticeship Scheme (UGAS)

    This is your opportunity to be part of one of the Royal Navy’s most elite teams – and join one of the world’s most respected engineering apprenticeships. You’ll be paid to study for a degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, and gain practical skills using some of the most advanced kit on the planet, as you travel the world.

    The role at a glance
    • Age: 18 - 34
    • Education: A-level and/or BTEC
    • Salary: £33,000 How much you’ll earn from day one
    • Holiday: 6 weeks of paid holiday every year
    • Progression: £51,000 Earn over this amount as you progress
    • Benefits: BEng Hons Get your Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering degree paid for
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