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Our engineers guarantee the efficiency of our most cutting-edge kit, including ships, submarines and aircraft.


The Logistics Branch ensures our personnel have what they need, when they need it, all over the world – from catering and hospitality to equipment and supplies.


Expert seamanship is at the core of the Warfare Branch. Our specialist teams are responsible for analysing, planning and executing vital global operations.


Our Medical Branch is responsible for caring for the people who protect our nation’s interests, all over the world – in the field, on ships and even below the surface.


You don’t have to join us full-time to make a vital contribution to protecting our nation’s interests. Our reservists train in their spare time and get deployed all around the world.


Our Royal Marines Reserve provides us with a team of fully trained, part-time Commandos, who can be deployed on active operations alongside their regular colleagues.


Our Aviation Branch works within the Fleet Air Arm and is responsible for our airborne operations. It’s a vital function that requires specialist personnel, from pilots to air traffic controllers.


Our chaplains offer friendship, support and spiritual guidance to personnel of all ranks, all faiths and all walks of life.


Royal Marines Band Service personnel combine playing music at some of our most important and high profile ceremonial events, with providing vital operational support to 3 Commando Brigade.


As a Royal Marines Commando, you'll have the unique personal qualities and exceptional physical fitness required to get the job done, every time. Serving in hostile environments, and on the most treacherous terrain, there's no average day when you join the Royal Marines.


Which service are you interested in?

Serve aboard our aircraft carriers, assault ships, destroyers and frigates. Our fleet of formidable machines have a truly global impact, from combat missions to humanitarian aid.


As part of this fleet of highly specialised civilian ships, you will provide vital global logistic support to the whole Naval Service.


Become a part of our elite amphibious fighting force. Be deployed anywhere, in all conditions, as part of the front line of combat and humanitarian operations.


Be a part of our world-renowned silent service from beneath the waves. You'll be responsible for highly classified, stealth operations.


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If you have registered your interest in a specific role or branch, and you meet the basic eligibility criteria outlined above, you’ll receive an application form via email. If you have registered your interest in joining the Royal Navy but don't yet know which role or branch you'd like to apply for, we'll give you a call. We’ll send an SMS confirming that the email has been sent, so if you can’t find it, make sure you check your spam folder.

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