What's it like to be a rating?

It’s like nothing you’ve ever done before. Hard work, yes. But also incredibly rewarding, with benefits that go far beyond a competitive monthly pay packet. From helping refugees in the Med, to counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean, you’ll play a key part in our global missions.


Whether you become an engineer or a medic, a crucial part of joining the Royal Navy is understanding that you’ll find yourself in some highly demanding environments. But with those challenges come opportunities too. You’ll travel the world, make lifelong friends and gain qualifications, all while earning a wage from day one.

New horizons

There’s far more to being in the Royal Navy than being deployed at sea, but it goes without saying you need to be able to thrive on the water (and on land, and in the air too). First, you’ll need to choose the right role for you from our six branches - Warfare, Engineering, Logistics and Administration, Medical, Chaplaincy and Aviation. Once you’ve successfully applied, you’ll start Basic Training. And from that point on, how you progress is down to you. The only limit is your ambition.