Undergraduate Leadership Programme

What is it?

The Undergraduate Leadership Programme (ULP) gives STEM students, at all levels, an in-depth understanding of the leadership skills required for an engineering career in the Royal Navy – and how these skills give you the edge in industry.

The programme is made up of two events, one of which takes place at selected UK campuses, outside of lectured timetables. The other event lasts two days, in Portsmouth, and will provide a brief insight into leadership and engineering in the Royal Navy. You’re free to attend one or both of the events as you wish. However, if you want to progress onto the paid Summer Internship, we’d recommend both.

Once you’ve completed the Royal Navy 2-Day Experience you’ll be awarded a certificate to show you have completed ‘Leadership and Management Training’ with the Royal Navy.

The ULP is perfect if you’re looking to build on your leadership and management skills, experience a unique working environment first-hand, or just find out more about yourself.

What can I expect?

The events will get you thinking about leadership and management, with theoretical and practical exercises that will help you develop your own leadership style. For each event timings and locations will be circulated in due course, please keep checking the 'When and where' section on this page.

Royal Navy Leadership Event - This on-campus session will deliver a mixture of practical exercises and theoretical discussions aimed at increasing your leadership and teamwork skills. These will take place between January and February 2021.

Royal Navy 2-Day Experience – The final two-day event is hosted by the Royal Navy in Portsmouth. It enables us to show you leadership in action, by using state-of-the-art Royal Naval training facilities.

During this visit you’ll have the opportunity to see engineering in practice while developing your teamwork and leadership skills through a variety of exciting and unique activities. This opportunity is open to everyone who’s signed up to participate in the ULP, though since we’re limited to 120 places, we’ll prioritise those of you who have attended the on-campus activities.

When and where?

Come and join us for an evening of Royal Navy Leadership Training. These sessions will deliver a mixture of practical exercises and theoretical discussions aimed at increasing your understanding of the theory and developing  your leadership and teamwork skills. There will also be an opportunity to chat with two Engineering Officers about their role in the Royal Navy and free food.

Royal Navy Leadership Events


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Am I eligible?

The ULP is delivered at numerous Universities across the UK. If you’re not a student at one of these universities but can make it to one (or all) of the on-campus events, feel free to come and see us. 

To apply for the ULP you can be:

  • Any age
  • Any nationality

You need to be:

  • Studying a degree in Engineering, Maths, Physics or Computer Science
  • Without medical restrictions

To apply for the paid Summer Internship you need to be:

  • Ages 18 to 34
  • A British citizen, with dual nationality or from a Commonwealth country
  • Studying a degree in Engineering, Maths, Physics or Computer Science
  • Free of any medical conditions that could place you or others at risk during individual and group physical activities. You should also be prepared to spend short periods of time at sea

How do I apply?

Registrations for the 2020 / 21 ULP will be open in February 2021.