Get fit to join: Shape up for the Royal Navy

Life in the Royal Navy is wide-ranging and incredibly varied, and therefore requires a good level of physical fitness. That doesn’t mean you have to be an athlete to start the recruitment process. In fact, many of our applicants are already capable of achieving the physical standards we require, while others may simply need to do a little training. If you’re interested in joining the Royal Navy, you can quickly get into shape using the information in this section – from assessing your current level to making the improvements you need.

My fitness plan

Click on the block which best describes how you stay fit and your current fitness level, and we’ll supply you with a plan to help you get in shape for your role.

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Stages and standards

Select your entry level and see the different physical tests that you’ll need to pass, and the standards you’ll need to achieve to progress.

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Advice and guidance

From eating healthily to exercising properly, these helpful hints, tips and bite-sized pieces of information have been specially created to help you get fit for the Royal Navy.

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Get fit to join the Royal Marines

Thinking about joining the Royal Marines? Access fitness plans and advice which are tailored to you. 

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