Royal Marines Commando training

Marines Commando basic training is one of the longest and most arduous programmes in the world. This is where you get a true taste of what being a Marines Commando is all about and learn all the skills you need to become an elite amphibious fighter.


To hit the ground running when you start your training at Commando Training Centre Royal Marines (CTCRM), Lympstone, you need to be in the best possible physical condition. Keep up the good work you will have done to prepare for your Pre-Joining Fitness Test Plus (PJFT+) by sticking to the Royal Marines Fitness Programme.

Phase 1: Individual skills

Field exercises will be a constant feature of your training, helping you to consolidate everything you’ve learned so far. These start with basic skills like camouflage and concealment, before moving on to things like weapons handling and more advanced soldiering. You’ll also start to develop essential tactical and leadership skills.

Phase 2: Team tactics and commando skills

You will have regular tests throughout your training, which will help us, and you to see how you’re developing. We’ll test specific skills such as marksmanship and map reading, and give you an overall assessment during some of the exercises. You’ll know when these are happening and be fully prepared. If you don’t pass, we’ll help you put things right before you take the test again. In this phase you will cover areas like amphibious soldiering and close quarter fighting, as well as learning how to deploy from helicopters and assault boats.

Phase 3: Commando course

There are four Commando tests, which come towards the end of your training. These are the final proof that you’re ready for your green beret – and to start your career as a Royal Marines Commando. These tests are:

  • The endurance course:

    You will work your way through two miles of tunnels, pools, streams, bogs and woods, then run four miles back to camp where you will need to achieve six out of ten in a shooting test.
  • The nine-mile speed march:

    You need to complete this in 90 minutes, while carrying your equipment and rifle.
  • The Tarzan assault course:

    This is an aerial assault course which needs to be completed in 13 minutes, while carrying your equipment and rifle.
  • The 30-mile march:

    This is a march across Dartmoor, which you will need to complete in less than eight hours, carrying your equipment and a rifle.