Mechanical Comprehension

The Naval Service Recruiting Test (NSRT) is an important part of the joining process. The example questions below are your opportunity to practice. The mark you need to achieve in order to pass will be dependent on the branch you’re joining. Ask your AFCO for more information.

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The NSRT will prove your suitability for a career in the Naval Service. Make sure you’re properly prepared by answering the example questions below, and keep trying to improve your score. 

Mechanical Comprehension

Mechanical Comprehension

Part four is to test your understanding of basic mechanical principles using both mechanical elements (e.g. gears and pulleys), and domestic objects (e.g. cars). Each item has a written question supported by a technical drawing.

To make the most of this practice test, keep track of the timer on screen and plan your answers accordingly. Your score is calculated solely on the number of correct answers you achieve, so if you get stuck move onto the next one and revisit if you have time. On the day of your test you will have 10 minutes to complete 30 questions. On the next page you will have 3 minutes to complete 8 questions, this allows you slightly more time to practice and get to know the test.

If you're applying for a role in the Royal Marines and would like to try the full test, click here.

If you're applying for a role in the Royal Navy and would like to try the full test, click here.


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Which point on the turntable travels the greatest distance in 2 minutes? (If all equal, mark D)


The ship sails due south then changes course to follow the dotted line.  Its new course will be?


Which way does cog B turn when cog A is turned clockwise?


Which pyramid is most stable?


Looking at the shadows cast on the towers by the sun, in which diagram is the sun lowest in the sky?


If bar A moves left at X speed, which direction and how does bar B move?


If the rope is pulled in a downward direction, which direction will the weight move?


Which spring supports the greatest load?  If all equal select D.


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Mechanical Comprehension