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Joining the Royal Navy is a huge step. It’s a career that comes with real responsibility and requires complete commitment. To help you achieve as much as you can, we’ve provided a range of helpful hints and tips.

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Cold weather clothes

If you’re exercising in cold weather, make sure you avoid injury and illness by dressing in layers. Try wearing a fleece on top of a synthetic base layer.

Hot weather clothing

If you’re training in hot weather, choose clothing that is made of a breathable fabric and is light in colour.

You don't need a gym

Spending hours in the gym won’t prepare you for the Royal Navy, you'll need a combination of road running and traditional exercises.

Treadmill settings

You will be required to carry out fitness tests on a treadmill as part of the joining process. You can find distances, times and the percentage incline of each test in the stages and standards section. The results you have to achieve will vary from role to role, so make sure you get the right information and use it to prepare accordingly.

Bleep test

Running outside

Squad run

Retrieve a brick

Retrieve a brick from the bottom of the pool

Lake swim


Swim and get out of pool

Swim circuits

Swim 40m in boiler suit

Tread water

Dieting myths

You might need to reduce your calorie intake to control your weight. If you do, make sure you avoid the most common dieting mistakes. These include; fasting, skipping meals and using slimming pills.

Dietary supplements

If you have well balanced diet that provides the energy you need to train, you shouldn’t need any supplements.


Keeping hydrated can help maintain physical and mental performance. Make sure you drink enough fluid to replace your daily losses. Be aware that if you are exercising hard then you may lose more water from sweating. Choose low sugar fluids such as water and milk.

Lower back pain

In most cases, rest will improve back pain

Additional resources

For more information on health and nutrition, use the external resources below.