Standard Degree Bursary

If you’re looking to continue your education, but also want to work towards an officer career in the Naval Service, you can apply for financial support while you study. To be eligible, you’ll need a minimum of 72 UCAS points from two non-overlapping subjects, while standard residency and nationality criteria also apply. 

Bursaries are awarded based on your grades and performance at a day-and-a-half assessment called the Admiralty Interview Board (AIB). If you’re successful, you’ll start your officer career in the September after you finish university. Once your training is complete, you’ll then be required to stay in the Royal Navy for three more years.

Although you’ll have committed to joining the Naval Service, you’ll still be a civilian while you’re at university. That means you can combine enjoying the student lifestyle with preparing for your future at military courses during the holidays.

What will I get?

  • £1,500 per year to help with the costs of studying for a degree at any UK university. This money is taxable and will be paid directly to you on an annual basis
  • The opportunity to experience Service life during the holidays before you start your career, learning some of the key skills required and meeting like-minded people
  • In most cases, you’ll be able to switch roles at the end of your sixth form or college studies, however there are some roles that require specific qualifications
  • A guaranteed place on Royal Navy initial officer training at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) on completion
  • Chance to take part in Royal Navy adventurous training and sporting activities

How do I apply?


Step 1

Choose an officer role from the Warfare, Logistics and Aviation Branches of the Royal Navy

Find your role

Step 2

We’ll send you a link to a digital application form for you to complete


Step 3

Use the check box to indicate that you’re applying for a scholarship


Step 4

Submit your form. We’ll contact you when we’ve received it