COVID-19 Advice

At this time the Naval Service Recruitment process continues to operate, however some areas of the process will be adapted to ensure that we meet Government guidance. 

Last updated: 13th May 2020. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm booked in for a Naval Service Selection Interview or the Admiralty Interview Board, what happens now?
Naval Service recruitment is continuing but changes are being made to accommodate COVID-19 government direction. Your Careers Adviser will be in touch with you as soon possible with more information, but you can contact them on usual phone numbers with any queries in the meantime. 

I'm due to start my Naval Service training - will this still happen?
Naval Service training is continuing.  However, this is a rapidly changing situation and any changes to your individual situation will be communicated through your Defence Recruiting System (DRS) application portal. 

I need to talk to my Careers Adviser - are they working?
To help ensure the safety of staff and the wider community, Naval Service Careers Advisers have ceased face-to-face interaction. Careers Advisers are still operating via telephone and digital communications and will be continuing to work to support your application. 

Are the Armed Forces Careers Offices (AFCOs) still open?
Yes, they are still working and available to discuss any queries you may have.  Although the Royal Navy Careers Adviser's have stopped conducting any face to face interviews to maintain the safest environment for all we continue to use telephone and digital communications to support your application.

If I am not supposed to leave my house, how will I complete my fitness test/eye test/medical?
Throughout this period the Naval Service is continuing to recruit and process applications while strictly adhering to Her Majesty's Government (HMG) directions. Where possible, virtual solutions are being sought and if this is not possible and your personal appointment has been affected, your careers adviser will be in touch with you to explain what will happen next.  Please contact your career adviser by email or phone if you require any details relating to your situation.

I’ve been advised that I cannot conduct the Royal Marines fitness assessment or attend the Potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC), are the Royal Marines still recruiting?
Very much so. The Royal Marines has temporarily adapted its fitness testing requirements by conducting the strength assessment over Zoom. Your careers adviser will be in touch with the details of how to prepare for the assessment and what the now virtual assessment (vPJFT+) entails. With regards to the PRMC, under COVID-19, it would be irresponsible to conduct the course due to social distancing protocols. To that end, Royal Marines Recruit Training has been adapted to allow for a graduated conditioning phase lasting 4 weeks on entry to CTCRM – the Recruit Orientation Phase (ROP) – which will culminate in the Commando Aptitude Assessment (CAA). Recruits successfully passing the CAA will progress to Royal Marines Recruit Training. The Royal Marines Careers area of the Royal Navy website will be amended to reflect any permanent changes in due course. 



We will add more information and answers to frequently asked questions to this page as information becomes available to us, so please check back regularly. If you have any concerns about your individual applications, please do not hesitate to contact your Career Adviser.