The life

Go beyond your limits

Early mornings. Late nights. Bad weather. Discipline. Hard work. Being away from home. There’s no denying that the Royal Navy will challenge you – but it will also bring out the best in you. It will transform you. It will give you stories to tell about the things you’ve accomplished and the places you’ve seen. It will give you friends for life. A sense of purpose and a sense of pride. You are the Royal Navy. And every day you make a difference.


Warfare Specialist

The Royal Navy’s taught me to work under an immense amount of pressure. It’s also taught me things about myself I didn’t know – that I could handle it and I could thrive.

It sounds really exciting but can I try it out before I sign up?

Of course. The Royal Navy run four day acquaint courses that give you a taste of what life is like during initial training and on a ship or a submarine.


Equipped for a life at sea

What’s the secret to dealing with challenges like sub-zero temperatures? What pushes us to make the leap? We’re no different from you. We don’t have faster metabolisms. We’re not immune to cold.

The answer is purpose. You get it from day one of joining. It’s what will transform you from civilian to a Royal Navy professional.


Mine Clearance Diver

With political regimes failing, mine stocks can become available to terrorist organizations. That’s where we come in. Divers like me work hard to keep waterways safe.

I didn't know the Royal Navy hunted mines! Is this something I can do as a full time role?

Yes it is. As Mine Clearance Divers or Mine Warfare Specialists we’re part of a small team that seeks out and disposes of mines all over the world.


Been there. Done that.

Sure, Dubai. Dominican Republic. You’ll see the sights but do you know what’s really exciting? Doing things that no one else will do. Seeing places that very few will see. You’ll want to remember those places, capture those moments. You’ll think to yourself, ‘if only the folks back home could see this.’ Get used to that – because the only way they’ll see it the same way you do is if they join the Royal Navy.


Seaman Specialist

Since I joined, I've travelled virtually right round the world, getting paid for something I love doing.

Do you really get to travel and see the world?

Yes. It's one of the main reasons a lot of us joined. When we're not on duty we have downtime so we get to explore these places too.

Skills & Qualifications

Everyone matters

No matter what you do in the Royal Navy, whether it’s maintaining high tech equipment, piloting helicopters, or being a chef, you’ll get the same chances as everyone else to push the boundaries of your profession.


Air Engineering Technican

You get amazing opportunities to develop professionally and personally.

Is it true you get help with the costs of training?

Yes it is. Any training you need to complete in order to be effective in your role, the Royal Navy pays for. If you study for civilian qualifications that are recognised outside the Service but gained while you’re still in the Royal Navy, you’ll either get help with or have them paid for outright.”

Sports & Recreation

Playing to win

What might be going through your head when you’re heading down an Alpine piste at 50mph? Maybe not much, except ‘I get paid to do this!’ If you don’t want to challenge yourself, if you want to be cooped up and do the same thing day in, day out, then look elsewhere. This life is for people who want to feel exhilarated – who crave the rush of adrenaline.


Warfare Specialist

The Royal Navy is a team. That is why we spend lots of time practising being one through sport.

Looks like you're having a blast! Where's that? Do you get to participate in tournaments?

Was great fun! That's in Tignes, not far from Val d'Isere. And yes we get to take part in tournaments between the armed forces - and more.

Equal opportunities

Job first. Everything else, second.

What are you prepared to give? Can you be counted on? Will you be there for your colleagues? These are the only things that matter. Everything else is insignificant and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Aircraft Controller

Moving up the ranks is about ability, determination and merit. Plain and simple.

If you have a disability can you still join?

You need to be physically fit to be in the Royal Navy but it really depends on the type of disability you have. Check with an adviser if you're not sure.


Fit to fight

Is this the look of someone who’s homesick? Someone who’s overworked and stressed? Sure, you’ll get tired and the work will challenge you. You’ll always get support when you need it, though, meaning you can always fire on all cylinders.


Air Engineering Technican

Whatever you need, whether it's physical or emotional support, you'll get it, no problem.

How often do you get to chat to family when you're away?

About 30 minutes of satellite calls a week. Enough to let them know you love and miss them on a regular basis! You've also got good email access.