As a Chaplain, you could be a member of our senior management team as well as a chaplain – where you’ll be a friend and adviser to all, no matter what their rank or length of service.

Before you apply

  • Talk to an adviser

    If you still have questions about the life, our duties in general, or this role in particular, feel free to speak to our online advisers.

  • Are you eligible?

    Age: 17 - 49
    Minimum qualifications: Theological qualification approved by your Sending Church
    Nationality: British, dual (British and other), Irish or Commonwealth

    You must be a member of the clergy of the Anglican Communion, the Church of Scotland and other Presbyterian Churches, the Roman Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, the Baptist Union, the Congregational Church, Assemblies of God or Elim Pentecostal Church.

    Normally you are expected to have completed three years of full-time ministry following ordination or completion of your ministerial training

  • Check your fitness

    Military service is demanding and you are required to have a high standard of physical fitness.

  • how to apply

    Fill in an online application to get the ball rolling. Or call 08456 07 55 55. Meet all the criteria and pass the initial tests, including the Admiralty Interview Board, and you will go on to initial training at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.