Aircrew Officer Pilot

A pilot’s job is to fly aircraft or helicopters from aircraft carriers, assault ships, frigates, destroyers and shore stations.

Before you apply

  • Talk to an adviser

    If you still have questions about the life, our duties in general, or this role in particular, feel free to speak to our online advisers.

  • Are you eligible?

    Age: 17-24
    Minimum qualifications: A-level
    Nationality: British, dual (British and other)

  • Check your fitness

    Can you complete a 2.4km runs (1.5 miles) in under 12 minutes ?

  • How to apply

    Fill in an online application to get the ball rolling. Or call 08456 07 55 55. Meet all the criteria and pass the initial tests, including Flying Aptitude Tests and the Admiralty Interview Board, and you will go on to initial training at Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.