Surface ships

Our strength at sea

One look at our fleet is enough to understand why we’re the one of the most formidable naval forces in the world. The imposing might of our fleet, made up of Assault ships, Type 45 Destroyers and Type 23 Frigates and other ships performing critical tasks like minehunting, ocean surveys and patrols.


Warfare Specialist

We get to work with some incredible kit. HMS Dauntless is the Royal Navy's Type 45 anti-air destroyer and one of the most powerful warships ever launched by the British Navy. Its main weapon, the Sea Viper missile, reaches speeds in excess of Mach 4 (3,000mph) and carries out sharp turns at G forces no human could endure. 

Did you know? HMS Victory, which is best known for her role in the battle of Trafalgar, is currently the flagship of the Second Sea Lord and a living museum for the Georgian Navy.

She is the only surviving naval warship that represents the skill of dockyard shipwrights, ship designers and the industrial ability of Britain during the mid-18th Century.


The silent service

Operating unseen and undetected, the Royal Navy’s fleet of submarines is one of the most potent weapons in our arsenal. Tasked with surveying the oceans, tracking enemy ships and deterring aggressors, the three classes of submarines, the Vanguard, the Astute and the Trafalgar are our nation’s sword and shield at sea.

Did you know? HMS Ambush, of the Astute Class is armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles that can strike targets up to 1,200 miles from the coast with pinpoint accuracy?

And its sonar system is so sensitive that it can hear a ship leaving port in New York from the English Channel.


Strength from above

Extending the influence of the Royal Navy beyond the sea, our aircraft form the backbone of frontline, covert and humanitarian operations – allowing us to detect submarines, deploy troops and transport vital aid. Our impressive fleet of craft includes helicopters and jets:

  • Lynx Wildcat HMA
  • Lynx MK 8
  • Merlin MK1
  • Seaking
  • F35 Joint Strike Fighter

Did you know, the F35 Joint Strike Fighter is the result of 50 years of fighter development technology?

Data collected by F-35 sensors can be immediately shared with commanders at sea, in the air or on the ground, providing a real-time and true view of ongoing operations.

Weapons systems

The power to prevail

Our edge is only as sharp as the weapons we bear. So the Royal Navy possesses some of the most advanced weapons systems in the world – allowing us to successfully deal with any possible threat or global scenario.

They include:

  • Spearfish torpedo, capable of blasting enemy subs or ships out of the water.
  • Sting Ray torpedo, dropped by helicopters and designed to destroy submarines.
  • Tomahawk Cruise missile, allowing our submarines to strike land target with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Trident D5 Ballistic missile, Britain ultimate deterrent and weapon.

Did you know?

The Spearfish torpedo weighs nearly two tonnes.