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  • Warfare

    The Warfare branch is responsible for combat operations involving our ships, submarines and aircraft, but it has plenty of vital work to do in peacetime as well.  This is the biggest branch of the Royal Navy.

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  • Engineering

    From sensitive electronics and information systems to massive gas-turbine engines and nuclear weapons, you’ll be responsible for some truly incredible kit.  You could also get involved in procurement, project management and development of new systems and engineering processes.

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  • Logistics & Admin

    We are huge and complex organisation. Every day, over 30,000 people need food, supplies and human resource management to keep them operationally effective. As a member of the Logistics & Administration branch it’ll be your job to provide these essentials.

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  • Medical

    Care doesn’t get more ‘front line’ than this. Serving with the Royal Navy as well as the Royal Marines is a chance to practise hands-on medicine in sometimes extraordinary circumstances.  There are many opportunities to specialise as well.

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  • Chaplaincy

    A friend and adviser to all, regardless of rank or religion, your parish is a community of ordinary people doing remarkable jobs in extraordinary circumstances.

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  • Aviation

    The Royal Navy's Fleet Air Arm, delivers air power and air support from the sea and shore bases.  Its helicopters and fast jets, entering service over the next few years, can operate in all environments, day and night, over the sea and over land.

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