Royal Naval Reserve Jobs

There are three different routes of entry into the Royal Naval Reserve. Explore the jobs and related roles.

  • General entry

    This is the area where most civilians with no previous military experience will find a place in the Royal Naval Reserve team. The varied jobs are some of the Royal Navy's main supporting roles and in general, you don't need specific civilian qualifications – just the willingness to learn and commit your time. 

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  • Specialist skills

    The jobs in this area can only be done by those who already have specific civilian skills and qualifications. If you're a nurse, doctor, chaplain or a current or former Merchant Navy officer and you want to expand your knowledge by working in a military environment, you can apply for a job in this area. 

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  • Ex-regular

    The inside knowledge, investment and expertise that comes from past service in the Royal Navy means that as an ex-regular you're uniquely qualified to carry out the jobs in this area. 

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