Jungle warfare

Go beyond survival skills

Leave no trace. Make no sound. Look for tracks. This kind of warfare is a high stakes game of cat and mouse. And to be successful at it you need to know the jungle’s rules. Respect it and it will be your ally. Sharpen your senses and you will have the edge.


Heavy Weapons Specialist

Knowing how to navigate the jungle and its many hazards has been key in many humanitarian missions too. Like Honduras, Nicaragua in ’98 after the hurricanes, and South East Asia in ’04 after the tsunami.

Mountain & cold weather warfare

Let nothing stand in your way

In temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius. Scaling rock and ice. Blending in and remaining undetected. Military mountaineering is an entirely different skill, in a class of its own. Because everything you do is designed to have a positive impact on combat operations. Learn our ways and you could own the environment – then turn it to your advantage.


CS3 Systems Operator

It’s not just about survival and climbing skills. Reconnaissance and comms are a huge part. We collect time-sensitive information that’s critical to every mission.

Desert warfare

Overcome extreme conditions

It takes more than scorching days and freezing nights to put off a true Royal Marine. We train to thrive no matter how hot, dry or dusty the conditions. You will learn the secrets of camouflage in this bare environment. And you will let nothing stand in your way.


Heavy Weapons specialist

How do we prepare for desert missions? We go on month-long training exercises to places like the Mojave and simulate assaults that draw on all our specialist survival skills. It’s the only way to become adept in this environment.


Go anywhere

From helicopters and all terrain vehicles, to hovercraft and raiding ships. The Royal Marines’ transport arsenal is as key as your weapons. The vehicles you’ll have at your disposal allow you to go anywhere, no matter the weather, the conditions or the climate.

Our transport vehicles include:

Rigid raider: An 8 metre long fast patrol assault boat with a range of 120 nautical miles, capable of carrying eight Royal Marines with full kit at a speed of 30 knots.

LCVP MK5: A 15.5 metre long landing craft, capable of carrying a full company of 35 fully equipped troops. Top speed: 25 knots. Range: over 210 nautical miles.

LCAC Hovercraft: A light assault hovercraft capable of carrying 16 fully equipped Royal Marines and two tonnes of stores. It can travel at 30 knots across water and for 12 hours across land.


Do anything

Speed, accuracy and effectiveness don’t just come from your training. They come from the tools of your trade. Powerful, state of the art weapons that allow you to make an impact, at short or long range.

Your arsenal will include:

  • Sniper rifles with a range over 1km
  • Anti-Tank Weapons with a range of 1km
  • The GMPG general purpose machine gun
  • The Underslung Grenade launcher
  • The 51mm Light Mortar with a 750m range

Did you know?

In addition to operating some of the world’s most advanced arms, you will learn to use your body as a weapon through close combat training.