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If you become a member of the Royal Marines Reserve you’ll do something remarkable… You’ll complete the same training as the full time Royal Marines. You’ll sustain the same levels of fitness and you’ll maintain the Royal Marines state of mind – all in your spare time. It’s not for everyone, but for those who earn their green beret, it’s the best way to experience the adventure, excitement and opportunities that come with this life.

Green berets aren’t just handed out like sweets. You have to earn yours.

David, Royal Marines Reservist and Teacher

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Line of succession

We come from a long line of occasional heroes. Heroes who use their spare time to prepare for the day when the full time Royal Marines need them.

Are you made of the right stuff?


    Trained Strength

    We’re just like the full time Royal Marines. Poised. Ready. Except we maintain this state of readiness, this state of mind, in our spare time. So when duty calls, we’re fit to launch flexible and hard-hitting military responses alongside the regular Royal Marines.

    We’re the world’s only Reserve force trained to survive and fight across all environments – maritime, arctic, jungle and mountain.

    Tim, Royal Marines Reservist and Graphic Designer


    Hobby? What hobby?

    This isn’t just a pastime or a decision you take lightly. You’ll be tested more than ever been before. You’ll be pushed to your limits. Then be expected to go further. When you’ve finally earned your green beret, you’ll almost certainly see action. This will test you, but you’ll be part of a select group that is called on to swell the ranks and increase the might of the Royal Marines.
    An operational tour will be the most challenging thing you do as a Reservist but I’m driven by these varied challenges.

    Martin, Royal Marines Reservist and IT Manager


    There when we’re needed

    When the lack of roads and airports can’t stand in your way, it only means one thing: that you’ll be called on to bring aid when humanitarian or natural disasters strike. It's our ability to go anywhere that often makes us the world’s first resort for help.

    Seeing the difference we make is one of the best things about being in the Royal Marines Reserve.

    Guy, Royal Marines Reservist and Teacher