The Life

Greater than the sum of its parts

Have you ever been intimately connected to world events? Have you played a crucial role in a humanitarian crisis? Or been on an anti-drug patrol? In the RFA you’re at the heart of the action. And what you do directly influences things much greater than yourself. You know the saying, there’s no ‘I’ in team?

I live by this. We live by this. It’s what makes us the RFA.


Catering Assistant

Every day is different and exciting. We could get deployed anywhere in the world, at a moment’s notice.

What we do matters. This is no ordinary job.


Wherever. Whenever.

We’re not transporting microwaves from China. This isn’t a day in the office. There is more at stake than the bottom line. Lives, missions – national interests, to name a few. So we train where our military colleagues train. And we become the focused and disciplined force that the Royal Navy and the world need us to be.


Medical Technician

It’s more challenging than a normal job. But then I didn’t want a normal role. And the on-the-job learning never ends.


Perks of the job

Do you know what tomorrow is going to bring? Because we don’t. You’ll ask yourself this more than a few times. But the RFA isn’t a routine life. Last month was Haiti, transporting relief to earthquake victims. Last week it was Norway, on exercise with the Royal Marines. This week? Feasting your eyes during downtime in Costa Rica.



From Barbados to the Seychelles… when you come into port and see the view, you think to yourself ‘I get paid to do this’.

Skills & qualifications

Second nature

You won’t know you had it in you. You’ll surprise yourself. I pulled that off? The old you would have looked for a cosy place to hide from things like bad weather. New you charges out into the elements. Because the team depends on you. Because things hang in the balance. And you have the skills to tip them in our favour.



If you want a career at sea, the RFA is a fantastic way to get it. All the qualifications you gain are civilian ones. So you get paid to do an exciting job while becoming an ever more attractive applicant to maritime companies.

Sports & recreation

This is the life

Every time you get picked for the team, the team is different. The players have changed, but the goal is still the same. Be effective. Work together. Stay focused. Have a laugh. And we will succeed. This is life in the RFA – on and off the pitch.

Sports you could do:

  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Bobsleigh
  • Boxing
  • Extreme speedboat racing
  • Squash


Catering Assistant

My friends are quite jealous. I get to play sport in some far-flung places. And I get three months of leave to enjoy the RN sport facilities back home.

Equal opportunities

How far can you go?

Nothing gets handed to you. Rewards don’t just fall in your lap. You have to work to earn your place here. So let nothing stand in your way. Because all the RFA team cares about is your commitment and professionalism. Get that right and there’s a place in the RFA for you too.


Medical Technician

I have the chance to really stand out because of my abilities.


You give a lot. And so do we in return.

Replenishment at Sea. Disaster relief. Evacuating people. No one day will be the same. But every day will challenge you. Every day will make you push yourself. But it just makes your 84 days of leave that much more worthwhile. You know you’ve really earned that time off.


Medical Technician

The Royal Fleet Auxiliary have me covered and I like not having to worry about that.

What perks and benefits do I get in the RFA?

You really get looked after. We're just like other civil servants so you’ll get a generous pension, plenty of paid maternity and paternity leave, and generous holiday allowance.