Keeping the Royal Navy effective

In all weather and all conditions. The RFA ships carry everything from food, fuel and explosives, to Royal Marines, tanks, helicopters or casualties. All in all they’re one of the most flexible and efficient logistical fleets in the world.

Our fleet includes:

Stores ships: specialising in carrying food, ammunition and explosives, they also have extensive aviation facilities with two flight decks.

Tankers: extending the range of our Royal Navy fleet by replenishing ships with fuel and food.

Bay Class landing ships: amphibious landing ships specialising in deploying troops, stores and ammunition.

Casualty ship: The Primary Casualty Receiving Ship (PCRS) with a fully equipped 100-bed hospital on board and a four-bay operating theatre among other facilities.

Forward Repair ship: a sophisticated, multi-purpose ship fitted with a wide range of workshops for hull and machinery repairs, as well as facilities for supplying electricity, water, fuel and stores to other ships and submarines.

Did you know?

The RFA Argus, our Casualty ship, also has a 10-bed Critical Care Unit, a 20-bed High Dependency Unit, a CT scanner and an AV facility.

The secret is in our fleet