No Ordinary Job


NOT A 9-5

Meet the graduate employer like no other. No two days are ever the same: policing the world’s oceans on one, delivering humanitarian aid the next. Travel. Adventure. Purpose. Lifelong training. And always protecting our nation’s interests. As the future of the Naval Service and part of its command team, Royal Navy Officers are natural born leaders, ready for a life without limits. Are you? 

Career Progression


Want sky’s-the-limit career progression, with lifelong training tailored to you? With hard work and dedication, there’s nothing stopping bright, ambitious graduates climbing through the Royal Navy ranks. You could be a Captain, a Commodore, or even reach the highest rank in the Royal Navy and become an Admiral. How high do you want to go? Your call. 

  • Midshipman

    While you're still completing your training for your specialist role at Britannia Royal Naval College, you'll have the rank of Midshipman.

  • Sub-Lieutenant

    After 12 months of service and while you're still training, you'll automatically be promoted to Sub-Lieutenant.

  • Lieutenant

    Once you've moved into an operational environment, you'll automatically be promoted to Lieutenant, after 30 months as a Sub Lieutenant as long as you perform to the required standard.

  • Lieutenant Commander

    You’ll now be in charge of a department on a large ship of shore base, or Executive Officer (XO) or even Commanding Officer (CO) in a smaller unit.

  • Commander

    You may command a warship or submarine, Fleet Air Arm squadron or shore establishment. You could also serve as a Staff Officer in the Ministry of Defence or the Permanent Joint Headquarters.

  • Captain

    With the rank of Captain, you'll be commanding a large ship or hold a more senior position on shore.

  • Commodore

    As a Commodore, you'll be the Commanding Officer of a large Royal Navy establishment and well on your way to the top.

  • Rear Admiral

    As an officer of flag rank, you'll have your own flag flying on your ship or headquarters and be responsible for an entire capability within the Royal Navy.

  • Vice Admiral

    By now a very senior officer, you'll be second-in-command to a full Admiral, and working at the level of government, helping to implement defence policy etc.

  • Admiral

    Admiral is the highest rank in the Royal Navy, equivalent to a General in the British Army.

Travel & Adventure


Who says responsibility means sacrificing adventure? A graduate career in the Royal Navy means a life of travel and adventure that most employers can only dream of offering. See places no one else will see, do things no one else will do. ‘Been there, done that’ will never be the same. The best bit? You get paid for every mile and every minute of the adventure.



The go-to. The decision-maker. The order-giver. The counsellor and confidant. The one your team looks to and looks up to, whatever the weather. As a Royal Navy officer, you are responsible for the training, development, welfare, morale and ultimately the lives of the team that relies on you every single day. It’s no mean feat, but with the comprehensive graduate training you receive, you’ll have all the leadership skills you need. And more.



Skydiving or scuba diving. Climbing a mountain or skiing down one. You choose. From angling and archery, to water polo, winter sports and everything in between, if you are passionate about sport there are 39 different sports associations to choose from in the Royal Navy. Along with the challenge, the fitness, and the adrenaline hit, you’ll also hone the teamwork skills that you’ll use leading your team every day. 



When you join the Royal Navy, you’re part of a 30,000-strong team of men and women, from all walks of life. You’ll make lifelong friends, and get support, camaraderie and companionship from the people around you that few careers can match. Protecting our nation’s interests globally requires teamwork on an unprecedented scale, and we’re more than the sum of our parts. Have you got what it takes to be a part of it?

I’ve already been deployed to the Falklands, USA, Caribbean and around the UK. It is a fantastic feeling turning everything you’ve learnt into a reality. And this is only my first 18 months in the job!

S/Lt Simon Ricketts, Hydrography & Meteorology Officer