Deployments are as demanding for those families left behind as for the Service Person undertaking them. The topics covered here should not be seen as an exhaustive list and you are strongly encouraged to register for an account to access the forums. Here you will find further help, guidance and support from family members “in the same boat” alongside our team of online community support workers.

The deployment cycle

On both an emotional and practical level we can all do with some advice from time to time. In breaking down a deployment into three distinct sections, whilst focusing on your emotional wellbeing, we aim to provide a starting point for this advice.

Emotional Cycle of Deployment

A deployment can undeniably be a very emotional experience for those left behind. This period of time is very often made considerably easier by understanding the different stages of emotion and recognising that your feelings are perfectly normal and reflect those felt by many others.

Pre deployment

Do you know how to turn off the electricity or where the house insurance policy is? This section is a rough guide for both family members and the Serving Person on some of the more fundamental information that they might need to consider before a deployment starts.

During deployment

It is recognised that for the majority of families, after several weeks of your loved one being deployed, life settles down into a period of stabilization and routine. To assist in this it is important that you know what support is out there and to fully exploit all the ways you can keep in touch.

Post deployment

Everybody looks forward to the family getting together again after a period of separation however, it can be stressful as well as joyful but, help and advice is always readily available.

Resources to help you

With an aim to create resourceful and resilient Naval Service Personnel, families and communities, RN RM Welfare provide numerous resources ranging from groups to good old basic advice.

Family and Friends of Deployed Units

FAFDU aims to provide support and information to the family and friends of those deployed or away from duty station by engaging with them to promote physical and emotional well being through social and recreational activities on a regular basis.

Team Around Ships and Units

The aim of the Team Around Ships and Units (TASU) is to support the Royal Navy & Royal Marines in preparation prior to, and throughout deployment, providing a “wraparound service” identifying with the unique nature of each individual Ship, Submarine, Air Station and Unit.

Children and  Deployments

Children are often at their most confused with regards to their own feelings during a deployment as they struggle to understand why mum or dad is not around. Advice is on hand though which relates to each stage of the deployment and other parents are always willing to share their experiences in the forums.

Keeping in touch

The Royal Navy recognises the importance of maintaining contact with your loved ones and friends when they are deployed. So whether you are a letter writer, a serial e-mailer, a fan of social media or you just want to hear their voice there is always an option to suit.