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45 Commando

45 Commando

For a long time Britain’s experts in cold weather warfare, the men of 45 Commando, have spent most of the past decade surrounded by sand; either on operations in Iraq or Afghanistan. However last autumn saw the Commando return to their natural habitat and the Unit deployed on an amphibious deployment to the Mediterranean (COUGAR 2012). 45 Commando spent a year as the UK’s Very high readiness Lead Commando Unit before handing this baton to 42 Commando in May this year.

Royal Marines Storm Former Cold War Base

45 Commando have now taken up the role of the Standing Task Commando, deploying its Troops for training tasks and contingency commitments around the globe alongside other nations armed forces and security organisations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

In addition the Commmando has assumed the responsibility for the RN Ships Force Protection task across the Fleet in addition to supporting 3 Commando Brigade led exercises and directed taskings.

The Arbroath-based Royal Marines have completed four tours of duty in Afghanistan over the past decade. The commando played a key role in the last actions to rout insurgents in the mountains after the fall of the Taleban in 2001 before returning to Helmand in 2006-07, 2008-09 and 2011.


Dan J Cheesman

Lieutenant Colonel
SBS Signals Squadron, COS HQ 3 Commando Brigade
Military experience

Dan joined the Royal Marines in 1996, initially serving as a Troop Commander in 40 Commando which included deployment on operations in the Congo. He then trained as a Regimental Signals Officer and served with Commando Logistic Regiment conducting desert training in Oman and operations in Kosovo.

In 2001 he was selected as Aide-de-Camp to the Commandant General Royal Marines/COMUKAMPHIBFOR during a hectic period which saw the General's Staff based twice in Bahrain alongside the US Navy's 5th Fleet and the deployment of the Royal Marines to both Afghanistan on Op JACANA and Iraq on Op Telic.

As an Acting Major he commanded SBS Signals Squadron. On promotion he attended Intermediate Command and Staff College (Land) before moving to the Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ) as the Afghanistan Intelligence Team Leader.

Returning to 40 Commando he commanded Bravo Company in Sangin, Helmand Province on Op Herrick 7 for which he was appointed MBE. Following a period as OC Command Company, he moved to the Ministry of Defence as a Counter Terrorism Desk Officer.

Selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in 2009, he attended Advanced Command and Staff College before assignment to Fleet Operational Policy as the Royal Navy's liaison officer to PJHQ and lead planner during the Arab Spring. In 2012 he was selected as Chief of Staff Headquarters 3 Commando Brigade as the formation reorientated from Afghanistan to readiness for contingency operations. This period included two amphibious deployments to the Mediterranean and Gulf. He assumed command of 45 Commando Royal Marines in December 2013.




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Cold Weather Training


Cold Weather Training is a multinational exercise led by the Norwegian Armed Forces. While current operations are focussed on Afghanistan, it is vital that the Royal Navy maintains its amphibious capability in a cold weather environment. This training brings together the Royal Marines, assault ships and other Fleet assets, and the helicopters of the Fleet Air Arm.

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Operation Herrick


Operation Herrick is the code-name for the work UK Forces have been doing in Afghanistan since 2002, working to bring about stability in the country and maintain the forces of law and order, pushing back the Taliban and preventing them from using the country as a base for terrorism.


45 Commando

'Four Five'

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