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    12:26 GMT - 17 April 2014

    Exercise Joint Warrior

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    11:20 GMT - 17 April 2014

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    10:38 GMT - 17 April 2014

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    Search for MH370

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        HMS Ocean Crest

        HMS Ocean

        'Britain’s biggest warship', HMS Ocean is currently in her home port of Devonport and in the midst of a scheduled period of maintenance. She returned in the latter part of last year from Greenwich, London, where she was moored for the duration of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 

        £65m Contract To Refit Royal Navy’s Largest Warship Secures Hundreds Of UK Jobs

        More usually, as a helicopter carrier and amphibious assault ship, Ocean is designed to deliver troops to the centre of the action by helicopter or by landing craft – we have six helicopter operating spots on our flight deck and our hangar can hold many more aircraft. We have our own Royal Marine assault squadron, 9ASRM, and we also carry four Mk5 landing craft vehicle and personnel (LCVP).

        Built on the Clyde by Kvaerner Govan, Ocean was a new approach to naval shipbuilding using commercial-build methods and techniques. The ship was launched in October 1995, and named by Her Majesty the Queen on February 20 1998.

        We were commissioned in September 1998 in our homeport of Devonport – the heart of the Navy’s amphibious fleet. Until the arrival of the Queen Elizabeth class carriers, HMS Ocean is the largest warship in the Navy’s surface fleet.

        Ocean deployed as part of the Cougar deployment with the Response Force Task Group (RFTG) in April 2011.

        After working up with the group she was diverted to Libya where she conducted Strike operations using Apache attack helicopters from 4 Regiment Army Air Corps in support of the NATO mission Op Unified Protector. The Apaches have been ably assisted during the operation by other helicopters embarked in HMS Ocean. 

        These have included Sea King Mk 7 Airborne Surveillance and Control (SKASaC) helicopters of 857 Naval Air Squadron conducting maritime surveillance operations and Lynx Mk 7s of 847 Naval Air Squadron providing force protection and logistic support, as well as US Air Force HH60 Pavehawks. 

        The US airmen from the 56th Rescue Squadron based at RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, were on standby for personnel recovery or medical evacuation operations in the event of incidents involving any NATO aircrafts or ships.


        Timothy Henry

        HMS Portland, HMS Trumpeter, HMS Westminster
        Military experience

        Timothy Henry joined the Royal Navy in 1989.

        Previous sea going appointments include: the early stages of Operation Granby (the UK’s response to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990); an exchange appointment with the Belgian Navy during NATO’s Operation Sharp Guard off the coast of the Former Yugoslavia; as well as two appointments to HMS Westminster, firstly as the Operations Officer and then as the Executive Officer.

        Staff Appointments include the Operations Division of the Permanent Joint Headquarters with desk responsibility for, and time in, Kosovo, Macedonia and Iraq; the UK Defence Academy as the Military Assistant and Personal Staff Officer to the 3* Director; the Ministry of Defence in London, holding the Maritime Policy lead for NATO and Europe as well as the acting as the non-resident Defence Attaché for Portugal and Cape Verde; as the Chief of Staff to the Defence Reform Implementation team in the Navy Command Headquarters; and, most recently, as the Fleet Operations Officer at the Northwood Headquarters.

        He has Commanded at three ranks: as a Lieutenant, HMS Trumpeter, one of the Gibraltar Squadron patrol boats; as a Lieutenant Commander, the Royal Navy Training Team, a mixed Royal Navy and Royal Marines detachment providing combat, combat support and training to the fledgling Iraqi Border Security organisation; and, as a Commander, the Type 23 frigate HMS Portland, which included operations in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean.

        Captain Henry is a Frigate Navigator and Principal Warfare Officer (Underwater) as well as an alumnus of the Joint Services Advanced Command and Staff Course where he also achieved a King’s College London Masters Degree in Defence Studies.




        £65m Contract To Refit Royal Navy’s Largest Warship Secures Hundreds Of UK Jobs
        All go on the Mighty O as HMS Ocean nears the end of her refit
        14 January 2014

        Britain’s biggest warship is coming back to life as HMS...

        Permanent Fox’s four on the Ocean
        Permanent Fox’s four on the Ocean
        12 December 2013

        An instructor at Bristol’s Royal Naval Reserve unit is aiming...

        £65m Contract To Refit Royal Navy’s Largest Warship Secures Hundreds Of UK Jobs
        HMS Ocean leaves dock during major upgrade
        01 August 2013

        An important milestone in the major upkeep and upgrade programme...

        Royal Navy Marks Queen’s Accession To The Throne
        Royal Navy Marks Queen's Accession To The Throne
        06 February 2013

        The Royal Navy marked today’s (Wednesday) anniversary of the Queen’s...



        CURRENT STATUS: active

        In maintenance: Currently undergoing an upkeep period to prepare the ship for continued duties with the Fleet by maintaining and improving our engines, weapons and communications systems.















        Range (Nautical)


        Top Speed


        Launch Date


        Commissioned Date


        Military Lift

        660Marines and Air Group personnel

        TAKE A LOOK

        HMS Ocean


        HMS Ocean HISTORY

        • The First Ocean

          This is the sixth ship to bear the name HMS Ocean, with a lineage going back to 1761. The first Ocean, a 90-gun second rate, began the name’s strong links with the West Country in 1770 when she became Flagship to Plymouth. As part of the Channel Fleet, Ocean saw her first real action against the French in 1778 under the lead of HMS Victory. She was sold out of the service in 1793.

        • Battle Honours

          Ushant 1781

        • The Second Ocean

          Ocean’s next incarnation was a second-rate 98-gun warship, she spent the bulk of her service in the Mediterranean, including a spell as Flagship of Vice Admiral Lord Cuthbert Collingwood. She was converted into a depot ship in 1841 and broken up in 1875.

        • The Third Ocean

          The next HMS Ocean was an ironclad of 50 guns. She holds the record for the longest days by any British ironclad under sail of 243 miles heading out to the Far East. She was Flagship of the Commander in Chief on the China Station from 1867 until paying off in 1872, she was eventually sold for scrap in 1882.

        • The Fourth Ocean

          The fourth Ocean earned a reputation as an unlucky ship, suffering various mishaps during build – including 90ft of the ship collapsing. She was one of the first British warships to journey along the Suez Canal and served on the China Station between 1901 and 1905 during which time she was unfortunate enough to be hit by a typhoon. In 1914 she joined the 8th Battleship squadron, and was later tasked to operations in the Dardanelles where her bad luck continued.

        • Battle Honours

          Dardanelles 1915 Suez Canal 1915

        • The Fourth Ocean

          In March 1915, as she attempted to rescue the mine-struck HMS Irresistible; realising the hopelessness of the situation, Ocean hit a mine – flooding, under fire, irreparable, she was abandoned and sank that evening.

        • The Fifth Ocean

          It was the fifth HMS Ocean that cemented her links with naval aviation. The Colossus-class aircraft carrier had a brief but active service career from her commissioning in July 1945. In October 1945 her deck saw the last Fairey Swordfish flight from a carrier; and in December she welcomed the first landing of a pure jet-powered aircraft. The 1950s saw her carrier in action during the Korean War, then on to the Suez Crisis where she took part in the first helicopter assault landing. She was scrapped in 1962

        • Battle Honours

          Korea 1952-53

        • Battle Honours

          Al Faw 2003

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