Pay, benefits and Opportunities

Serving with the Royal Naval Reserve brings a huge range of personal and professional rewards. But as well as unique experiences, long-lasting friendships and a huge sense of satisfaction, you’ll enjoy plenty of practical benefits, too.


-Pay and travelling expenses for every drill night and weekend.
-Pay equivalent to regular rank equivalent on operations.
-Yearly bonus of £395 rising to £1,556 after five years (starting after completion of minimum training).


-Free access to all of the Royal Navy's superb sporting facilities.  
-Ability to hone leadership, teamwork and self-discipline on and off the playing field  
-Opportunity to compete in national, international and even Olympic competitions


-Military training appropriate to your role.
-Basic first aid.
-Command, leadership and management skills.


Life as a Reservist is not just about work and training. The Royal Naval Reserve offers a fantastic social life and you’ll get plenty of chances to enjoy yourself with the new friends and collegues you’ll make. You’ll find life is rarely dull as a Reservist.

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You usually join the RNR as a general Rating, Officer or former Royal Navy regular. Once you have passed your initial training you will then have the opportunity to specialise in a range of specific roles.

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    Reserve Rating

    Most people join as a Rating, and on passing Phase 1 training, have access to a wide range of roles and responsibilities. You don’t need specific qualifications – just a willingness to learn.

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      Reserve Officer

      As an officer you’ll need to inspire and lead. You’ll need to make quick decisions under pressure. But we don’t expect you to do it straight away - that’s what our world-renowned leadership training is for.

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        Serving with the Royal Naval Reserve is the ideal way to put your hard-earned skills and experience to real practical use, and keep in contact with the Royal Navy life after you have left the service.

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