How to join


Wondering what the Royal Navy entry requirements are – or how you go about joining the Royal Navy as a Reservist? This step-by-step guide will help you through.

1. Get In Touch

Call us on 0345 600 3222. A short chat is all it takes to find out if you’re eligible to apply to the Royal Naval Reserve.
You can also use our online Role Finder Tool to see which position suits you best.

2. Apply

Once we’ve confirmed your eligibility we’ll invite you to an optional presentation at your local unit. This is your opportunity to find out more about the Royal Naval Reserve from Reservists themselves.
Whether you attend or not, we’ll will send you an application form. After you complete and return it, your local Armed Forces Careers Office will then contact you directly to arrange the next steps in the recruiting process.

3. Recruitment Test

This tests your academic ability. There are four separate parts to it which you have to complete within a limited time. These measure: general reasoning, verbal ability, numeracy and mechanical comprehension
We recommend trying some mock tests using our booklet. Download booklet (PDF).

4. Medical & Eye Test

You’ll need to pass a medical to show you’re fit and healthy.
You will also have to pass an eyesight test since good vision is critical in the Royal Navy. You will need to have your medical and eye tests done by one of our Ministry of Defence approved doctors but don’t worry, they’re based all around the country so there should be one near you.

5. Pre-joining Fitness Test

Before you can join you'll have to pass the Royal Navy's pre-joining fitness test. So get yourself in the best shape possible to have the greatest chance of passing. It will also help with basic training too. 

6. Welcome Aboard

When you've passed the various tests and check you can then officially begin your Royal Naval Reserve training.

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You usually join the RNR as a general Rating, Officer or former Royal Navy regular. Once you have passed your initial training you will then have the opportunity to specialise in a range of specific roles.

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    Reserve Rating

    Most people join as a Rating, and on passing Phase 1 training, have access to a wide range of roles and responsibilities. You don’t need specific qualifications – just a willingness to learn.

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      Reserve Officer

      As an officer you’ll need to inspire and lead. You’ll need to make quick decisions under pressure. But we don’t expect you to do it straight away - that’s what our world-renowned leadership training is for.

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        Serving with the Royal Naval Reserve is the ideal way to put your hard-earned skills and experience to real practical use, and keep in contact with the Royal Navy life after you have left the service.

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