You’ll do a total of 24 training days a year. But these aren’t all in one block - they’re divided up into continuous and non-continuous training, as follows:

Non-continuous training (NCT) – 12 days each year

Your NCT is made up of midweek training evenings and weekends. As well as training nights, you will need to complete at least three training weekends each year. These will probably take place elsewhere in the UK.

Continuous training (CT) – 12 days each year

Every year you’ll also need to complete 12 days of CT. Ideally we’d like you to do these in a single 12 day block. Of course, we understand that your work or other circumstances could sometimes make this difficult. So if necessary, you could do your CT in two one-week blocks.

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You usually join the RNR as a general Rating, Officer or former Royal Navy regular. Once you have passed your initial training you will then have the opportunity to specialise in a range of specific roles.

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    Reserve Rating

    Most people join as a Rating, and on passing Phase 1 training, have access to a wide range of roles and responsibilities. You don’t need specific qualifications – just a willingness to learn.

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      Reserve Officer

      As an officer you’ll need to inspire and lead. You’ll need to make quick decisions under pressure. But we don’t expect you to do it straight away - that’s what our world-renowned leadership training is for.

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        Serving with the Royal Naval Reserve is the ideal way to put your hard-earned skills and experience to real practical use, and keep in contact with the Royal Navy life after you have left the service.

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