HMS Collingwood Training establishment

HMS Collingwood is the Royal Navy's largest training establishment. It is the headquarters of the Maritime Warfare School and Surface Stream which also has  units in Excellent, Longmoor, Temeraire, Horsea Island and Raleigh, delivering training in Warfare, Weapon Engineering, Diving, Physical Training, Chemical Biological Radiation Nuclear and Damage Control, Sea Survival, Seamanship and Military skills.

Commanding Officer Steven Dainton

Rank: Captain

Captain Steve Dainton joined the Royal Navy in 1987. He joined MWS as Chief of Staff (COS) in June 2013 and assumed Command of HMS Collingwood in the Autumn term 2013.

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Duty of Care

Collingwood Command provides Executive, Duty of Care and facilities management functions for trainees at stages 2 and 3 of their Warfare and Weapon Engineer training and lodger organisations, including the Royal Navy Leadership Academy, Maritime Warfare Centre and Fleet Intelligence Centre.

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