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From the Naval Bases at Plymouth, the Clyde in Scotland and a small team at Northwood in Middlesex, Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) provides Operational Sea Training for all surface ships, submarines and Royal Fleet Auxiliaries of the Royal Navy by a dedicated team of experts, led by Flag Officer Sea Training.

Together with land and air units and with increasing numbers of NATO and foreign participants conducting training under its guidance, FOST has established a worldwide reputation for excellence

Commander UK Maritime Forces Bob Tarrant

Rank: Rear Admiral

Rear Admiral Bob Tarrant was born in 1961 and joined the Royal Navy in 1979. During his service at sea he has held positions in both submarines and surface ships and commanded the nuclear powered submarine HMS Talent from 1997-99 and the Ice Patrol Ship HMS Endurance 2007-08.

He has a variety of operational experience from the Falklands Conflict in 1982 on board the destroyer HMS Antrim, numerous submarine patrols, two seasons in the Antarctic and periods of defence diplomacy off West Africa.

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