HMS Bangor

Minehunter HMS Bangor is one of seven Sandown-class mine countermeasures ships based in Scotland.

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In 2011 she deployed off Libya as part of the NATO operation Unified Protector to protect Libyan civilians under threat of attack. During that operation, the small ship found a 2,400lb mine and a torpedo lying on the seabed off the Libyan port of Tobruk. Both were safely destroyed by Bangor's remote-controlled drone Sea Fox - and Bangor bore two shadowy silhouettes on her hull to mark the achievement.

HMS Bangor spent most of 2012 in and around her home port of Faslane, with visits over to her affiliated town in Northern Ireland and demanding multinational exercises such as Joint Warrior off the coast of Scotland. 2013 also saw Bangor playing a role in the Joint Warrior exercises off Scotland, and in the summer of that year she played a starring role in the celebrations of the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Largs in North Ayrshire.

Royal Navy’s Northern Diving Group replaces White Ensign on HMS Royal Oak


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Star role for Royal Navy in Glasgow extravaganza

Star role for Royal Navy in Glasgow extravaganza

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Current operation Alongside - Clyde

Currently alongside in her home port of Clyde Naval Base

Location Clyde

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Unit History

The First Bangor1940

The first HMS Bangor was launched on 23 May 1940, commissioned on 19 October 1940 and allocated to the 9th Minesweeping Flotilla, Orkney and Shetland Command.


On 12 February 1941, she was bombed whilst in the Moray Firth. No damage was done but her wireless telegraph was out of action and she retired to Aberdeen for repairs.

Battle Honours1942

In August 1942 HMS Bangor was involved in Operation Jubilee – the raid on Dieppe. The minesweepers opened proceedings for the raid by sweeping a broad swathe of the channel. 

Battle Honours1944

As part of Task Force 129, the Naval component of the D-Day landings, HMS Bangor provided fire support against German positions in Cherbourg. 

Royal Norwegian Navy1945

In May 1945, Bangor was involved in minesweeping operations to Norway, and in June was one of five minesweepers loaned to the Royal Norwegian Navy. She was transferred on 11 November 1945.

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Commanding Officer Stephen Brown

Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Lieutenant Commander Stephen Brown joined the Royal Navy in 1984. He became CO of HMS Bangor and Commander of Northern Diving Group in January 2014

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Engineering Technician (Marine Engineering)

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